Why Spinshot?


1. Simple to use Machines

At Spinshot we provide highly functional machines which also promote ease of use to our customers. Control your machine from the side panel, a remote control or even your smartphone - we offer a machine to suit everyone’s needs and budgets.

2. Competition Level Performance

Spinshot Pro, Plus and Player offer true match play performance and power. With Player, the fully programmable 2 way random oscillation function allows you to set up to 12 personal drills providing you with ultimate control over ball position, spin, speed and feed rate.

3. Reliable Design

All our machines are constructed from high quality materials and undergo operational quality control before they leave our factory. Unlike our competitors, Spinshot tennis ball machines are enclosed with a powder coated steel shell, not plastic.

4. Portability

The dimensions of our machines provide for great accessibility and portability. Impressively, Spinshot Lite is under 10kg and even the most powerful Spinshot Player model is under 20kg.

5. Battery or Mains

All machines ship with a rechargeable battery enabling training sessions for up to 5 hrs with Spinshot Lite or up to 3 hours with the more powerful models. Alternatively, an optional 240 volt AC power module can be easily substituted to allow on-court powered use. We also offer external battery packs and hybrid panels with both battery and mains power. You will stop before your machine does!

6. Local Support

All our tennis ball machines are backed by 2 year warranty on materials and workmanship (refer to our warranty terms & conditions). Should you encounter any problem with the machine, just drop us an email cs@spinshot.sg or call +65 90294681 (email or whatsapp with video of fault). We will collect the machine from you (Singapore mainland only), get it resolved and return machine to the collection address.

7. Affordability

Ultimately Spinshot tennis ball machines offer great value for money. To achieve similar functionality from competing brands you will pay in excess of 30% of the Spinshot retail price.