How do I get started to use the Player, Plus-2 machine in court?

The machine comes with the factory default setting, corresponding to Drill Maker app values. 

1. turn on Power, press the Start button at control panel when beeping starts. Select USR ..... on the phone wifi network.  "No internet connection" will appear on phone wifi setting when connected. Tap on the Drill Maker icon. To check that connection is established, tap M or Play icon on phone, a beep should be audible from the machine.  Otherwise tap DRILL MAKER at top left corner to connect with machine.

2. Tap drill D1, and tap Start icon. Align the machine such that ball lands near to court's centerline.

3. Tap drill D7, and do slight machine placement again such that balls land within court's width.

(hint, in drill default setting): D1 horz=9, ball should land near center.   D7 horz=1 and 20, balls should land extreme right and left).

For Plus-2 model, setting up with phone control is similar to above. You can also set 2-line, speed, height, spin, feed, random mode at the control panel without phone. Please refer to user manual at

What are the default drills?

D1=flat center  D2=topspin center  D3=backspin center

D4 and D5 = extreme left or right corner.  

D6=narrow angle 2 line.   D7=wide angle 2 line.   D8=high lob   D9=baseline and mid court

D10=random horiz   D11=random height   D12=full random   R=random

Note: new balls may cause inconsistent ball throw.  Edit height or speed if balls land beyond baseline.

Why do the balls seem to lose distance at topspin drill even with maximum speed?

Ball machine generates spin by revolving one counter-rotating wheel faster than the other. For topspin, the bottom wheel will slow down to create the spin, together with a steeper trajectory of topsin ball, the ball throw will be shorter.   Maximum topsin near baseline can be achieved by moving the machine closer to the net.

How to customise the drill?

Drill Maker app has gone through various updates. As of Aug 2019, following improvements are:

1. "Default values" button = reset to factory default

2. Drill description can be edited.  Eg "D1 Flat" at top of screen can be edited by long tap at the wordings, then edit it and Save.

3. Moving the Drill # up or down during setting mode can be achieved by swiping the screen left or right.

4. All 6 balls values can be changed by tapping the empty cells of "All balls" row.

Why does the ball machine shoot balls slower than when it was new?

It could be the battery condition. New balls with too much wax can also cause inconsistent ball throw. Refer to the User Manual, to sandpaper the wheels if it has been used over a long period. 

What is the main difference between the high spin model and normal model?

There are high-spin models for Player and Plus2. The high spin model has bigger motors that deliver faster and higher spin balls. Take note that the minimum rotation speed is faster than the normal models, thus ball placement near the net may be affected.  Some adjustments can be made by moving the machine further back from the baseline. High-spin models are not suitable for random height mode, as balls may land outside the court due to longer settling time needed for motors to slow down. The default Drill Maker app values are not suitable for high-spin models. Spinshot Singapore's customers can get setting detail by email or whatsapp +65 90294681.

What kind of service level can I expect from Spinshot?

For machine purchased from Spinshot Singapore, on-site service and parts replacement are provided during the warranty period for machines in Singapore mainland.  For other countries, Whatsapp to +65 90294681 with description and photo / video of the problem.  Reply can be expected within 24 hours. Replacement part will be sent to customer with instruction guide to replace the part when required. Customer needs to pay for the courier / postal charge before sending if the amount exceeds Sgd 20.

Do you have a showroom?

All our models can be viewed and "test drive" at Bedok Court condo tennis court (postal code 469297).  We welcome you to bring your racquet and have fun with the machine.  We can also bring the machine to your court, you just need to Whatsapp or call +65 90294681 to arrange a time.


Detailed information of each model is available at