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Spinshot Player is the most compact smartphone operated ball machine with 12 drill settings to give various ball speed, spin, elevation, position, feed rate for each ball. The machine comes with factory drill settings, which can be easily customised by players.  It is suitable for android and IOS devices, and iWatch.   

Factory default settings

D1 : Flat to baseline

D2 : Top spin to base line

D3 : Back spin to base line

D4 : Backhand

D5 : Forehand

D6 : Narrow 2-line

D7 : Wide 2-line

D8 : Lob to baseline

D9 : Alternate net and baseline

D10 : Random horizontal

D11 : Random height

D12 : Full random


An optional watch remote is now available for controlling Play / Stop / Drill number.

Speed         30 ~ 110 kph

Feed            2 ~ 10 sec per ball

Elevation       up to 50 degree

Ball capacity 120 balls

Court time      2 ~ 3 hours

Charging        14 ~ 16 hours.

Power Standard : Internal battery. Optional: external battery kit. / AC power. / AC power + external battery.

Dimension     50H 50L 35W cm

Weight           19kg + 3kg battery

Construction Non-rust powder-coated aluminium housing. With 2 top handles for lifting and pulling.  Most compact and lowest-price ball machine as compared to other makes with such features.