S$ 1,250.00

Air shipments to ASEAN countries exclude battery:

Additional airfreight charge:

Malaysia           +S$60  6~8 working days

Rest of SE Asia  +S$90  6~8 working days

Philippines, Indonesia  9~15 working days

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Weighing only 10 kg for the basic model, Spinshot Lite is the lightest and smallest of all our models. It is ideal for players seeking portable machine to drill in swings and coordinations in between coaching sessions. It generates high top spin when adjusted to high ball speed. 

Lite basic model has knobs for ball speed and feed rate adjustments.  Ball height is by mechanical adjustment.  There is no horizontal oscillation nor remote for basic model.

Option : Lite with oscillation has addition of random horizontal oscillation with ON / OFF switch at control panel. 

Option : Lite with oscillation and remote is able to activate oscillation and machine ON / OFF remotely by wrist remote.

Portability with topspin and speed

Spinshot Lite is the most compact machine capable of throwing high topspin balls on the market. Towing wheels and retractable handle made it easy for transporting and lifting. 

Dimension : 40H 25L 25W  cm

Weight : 10kg basic model.  13kg with oscillation.

Ball Speed : up to 60 kph, with topspin

Ball Feed : 2 ~ 10 secs per ball.

Play time : 2~3 hrs play per full charge.  Charging time 6~8 hours. 

Ball Capacity : 40 balls.

Construction : Powder coated aluminium housing.