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Spinshot Plus Tennis Ball Machine - Spinshot Sports US
Spinshot Plus Tennis Ball Machine
Spinshot Plus Tennis Ball Machine
Spinshot Plus Tennis Ball Machine - Spinshot Sports US
Spinshot Plus Tennis Ball Machine

Spinshot Plus Tennis Ball Machine

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Spinshot Plus delivers multi-function speed control, horizontal and vertical oscillations, topspin, backspin and random horizontal and vertical oscillations to simulate a rally.  It has the ability to control 2-lines horizontal and vertical oscillation to ensure any ball return keeps you on your toes moving through wide range of shots.

Machine Control

Control of the machine is at machine panel or phone app "Drill Maker Plus". The advantage of Plus is that settings can be done at the panel without the need for phone.


Spinshot Plus is lighter and more compact than any other ball machine with similar features. Towing wheels are incorporated with 2 top handles for lifting. Machine can be put upright or laid horizontally in car boot.

Remote Control - App & Watch
Machine can be remotely controlled at the opposite end of court by smartphone (sim card is not necessary), or by our Remote Watch which is an optional item sold separately. The "Drill Maker Plus" app can be used with Android or iPhone. Read more about our Drill Maker app and download on your device to see how it works. 

Speed 30 ~ 110 kph
Ball feed interval  2 ~ 10 seconds
Height  Up to 50 degree
Ball spin Topspin and backspin
Oscillation 2-lines, horizontal and vertical oscillation. Random
Ball capacity Up to 120 balls
Court time 2 ~ 3 hours
Power  12V 12AH battery. External battery and AC power are optional.
Charging time 14~16hrs with normal charger after 2hrs use 
Remote control By smartphones. Watch remote is optional
Machine panel For Start / Stop / Speed / Height / Oscillation / Feed/ 2-lines / Alternate Heights
Dimension 50H 50L 35W cm
Weight 22 kg with battery. 18kg with external battery.
Portability Can lay horizontally in car boot 
Warranty 2 years

Oscillation Modes

The Spinshot Plus model is equipped with 5 different oscillation modes as listed below. Settings can be easily done through the control panel, offering you full versatility for different drills workout.