Spinshot Singapore

Why Spinshot


Most advanced, compact, robust, with well thought-out design. 

Spinshot machine can deliver almost all drill combinations for improving the muscle memory aspect of tennis. It is the most compact, built to last non-rust aluminium housing to withstand harsh environment and ball impact from hard-hitting players. The retractable handle with top lifting handles offer ease of transporting and storing into car boot or maneuvering across steps. Machine can be placed horizontally in car boot when upright position is not possible.

For simulated match-play or coaching

Spinshot Plus-2 and Player models support 12-drills memory in machine. All drills are customizable in Android or Apple smartphones, including Apple Watch.  Such flexibility allows different players with different phone types and skill levels to download their personal drills into the same machine to suit individual drill preferences. By saving to machine, it over-writes the previous setting.  When fixed down the baseline or volley drill is preferred, the Manual mode function is recommended. It responses to phone command without saving into drill, for speed, spin, height, feed, to suit the needs in coaching students of all levels.


All Spinshot tennis ball machines have the option of internal or external battery placements, or battery with AC interface module.  Charger supports universal voltages of 100 ~ 240VAC, 50~60Hz.

Service and Support

Spinshot tennis ball machines are backed by our 2 years warranty on materials and workmanship. We have an international network of distributors, providing you with pre-purchase product knowledge and peace of mind for after-sale support.


Spinshot tennis ball machines offer great value for money. Spinshot's prices are generally about 30% lower than competitors' of similar functionality.

Best tennis ball machine reviews 

Spinshot machines have been rated in many reviews as best tennis ball machine to buy in consecutive years in terms of functionality, design and pricing.  It is our aim to continue to supply the best tennis ball machines at affordable price.