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Phone us on +65 9029 4681 or email us if you need to know.

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Machine Demos

You are welcome to try our demo sets at Bedok Court condo tennis court. Please send a Whatsapp / text or call us to arrange a time.



Spinshot Singapore
297 Bedok South Ave 3, Bedok Court condo.
Singapore 469297


+65 9029 4681

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Frequently asked questions


Delivery in Singapore = by staff. Free

Delivery to listed countries :

1. Promotion items listed with free shipping are free, exclude destination country's tax, exclude battery.

2. Non promotion items has shipping fee included in checkout, exclude destination country's tax, exclude battery.

3. DHL is our preferred shipping method.

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Warranty Policy

All Spinshot ball machines have a 2 year warranty. Batteries carry a 6 month warranty.

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What's the Best Machine

Our Player machine is our most popular machine due to it customisable drills.

The Plus-2 is our top of the line machine as it has the most features and the new Plus-2 high speed machine is the fastest at over 120kph. 

The Pro is the most cost effective machine that suits young families.

Do they use Battery or Power

Both! You can choose battery or power or our hybrid module which offers both.

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Machine Servicing

Not much goes wrong with a Spinshot Tennis ball machine so we don't often have to service our machines. But if we do, most repairs are simple to perform. We have an international service and warranty team that help diagnose issues and provide simple solutions. Customers have the choice whether to return the machine for repair or we can supply replacement parts which is often the fastest and easiest option.