Spinshot Singapore


How do I align the machine during start up?  (Plus, Player, Plus2 models)

1. Power ON the machine. It will perform a start-up calibration with left-right oscillation, followed by continuous beeping, or 3 beeps for 2019 or above models.

2. During the beeping, lift and align machine perpendicular to the baseline. Avoid turning machine's position without lifting it.  Placing inside the court line is preferable.

3. Press the Start button at the panel. The beeping will stop and it will turn to the last played position. The machine is ready for communicating with smartphone wifi. Then press the Stop button to pause the ball feeder.

4. Select USRxxxx wifi network on the phone Setting. 

5. Tap Connect on the phone Drill Maker app. If prompted that there is no internet connection, tap on "Stay Connected".  Take note that phone shall not have data roaming function when it is connected to the machine.  If there is VPN connection in phone, it should be disabled. Preferable to set phone screen off time at 5 mins or more to minimize wifi disconnection.  It is in phone Display setting, not in Drill Maker app.


What are the default drills?

The drill types are indicated at the app display, bottom left corner.


Why do the balls seem to lose distance at topspin drill even with maximum speed?

Ball spin is achieved by slowing down either one of the propelling wheels. Reduce the spin level to increase ball speed.  Placing the machine inside court at baseline gives more flexibilities in spins with speed. 


Do I need to Off the power switch at the panel to conserve battery?

It is not necessary to Off the switch when picking balls. Power consumption is minimal with free running wheels.  2019 or newer models have auto propeller wheels stop feature when machine is in pause state.


Why does the ball suddenly lose speed such that it cannot cross the net?

Check the T and B reset buttons at the control panel. Off the power switch if any of the buttons pops out.  Wait for the wheels to come to a stop, check and remove any ball inside the propel wheels compartment. Very likely it is caused by a wet ball.  Turning machine upside down might be necessary if ball is not accessible by hand. Trapped ball can affect height control.


Why does the machine keep shooting balls to 1 side of the court?

Repeat the Start-Up alignment process.  Set one of the drills eg Drill 1 with horizontal = 11.  Align machine such that balls land near court centerline. Horiz = 11 can be used as alignment yardstick. Contact your local representative if the problem persists.