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Titan Pickleball Machine
Titan Pickleball Machine
Titan Pickleball Machine
Titan Pickleball Machine
Titan Pickleball Machine
Titan Pickleball Machine
Titan Pickleball Machine
Titan Pickleball Machine
Titan Pickleball Machine
Titan Pickleball Machine
Titan Pickleball Machine
Titan Pickleball Machine

Titan Pickleball Machine

$2,950.00 Sgd Regular price $3,100.00 Sgd

Free shipping to Asean countries.  Battery and charger are included.

Models available:  Choose Titan One or Titan Ace from above dropdown window.

Titan Tennis Ball Machine is our latest line of product we carry with excellent performance and reliability. With its light-weight design, responsive speed control and intuitive app, it provides a variety of ball trajectories and spins. Rigorously tested to ensure reliable performance for years, it's the ideal choice for tennis players. 

Titan Ace, the low-height model, is designed to meet the needs of users who prioritize a more compact size ball machine.  

Let's break down the advantages:

  1. Wide Speed Variations: The machine offers a broad speed range from 16kph to 104kph (10~65mph), making it suitable for players at different skill levels. This versatility accommodates both beginners and intermediate players.

  2. Braking Motor Design: The active motor braking design allows for quick transitions from baseline to drop-shot, minimizing lag time. This feature enhances the efficiency of practice sessions and provides a more dynamic training experience.

  3. User-Friendly Interface: The free iOS / Android apps feature a user-friendly interface, making it easy for players to navigate and customize their drills. This enhances accessibility and ensures that users can quickly and efficiently set up their training sessions.  Keychain-size remote is available as an optional item.

  4. Customizable Drills: The ability to create and customize 12 drills, each with variations of 6 balls, provides a diverse set of practice scenarios. The Mega-Drill function, linking all 12 drills into a single sequence, adds further variety and challenge to training sessions.

  5. Long Life Plug-in Lithium Battery: The long-life lithium battery, with the convenience of external charging, ensures extended use without interruptions. The separate charging feature allows users to charge the battery independently from the machine, providing flexibility and convenience.

  6. Lightweight with Multiple Grab Points: The lightweight design with multiple grab points facilitates easy portability. 

  7. Full Encasement: The full encasement of Titan protects the machine against light drizzle, offering a level of durability and weather resistance. 

  8. Heavy Duty Plastic: The heavy-duty plastic enhances the machine's durability, providing protection against impacts.

  9. Concealed Horizontal Oscillation Movement: The concealed horizontal oscillation movement adds an element of surprise and randomness to practice sessions, simulating more realistic playing conditions.

  10. Reliability Tests: Titan ball machine has been carefully engineered, taking into account various factors such as materials, construction, and functionality. Watch our reliability testings :  https://www.youtube.com/@TitanBallMachines/featured

Titan tennis ball machine's combination of advanced features, technological integration, and thoughtful design contribute to its top ranking. It caters to a wide audience, from beginners to intermediate players, and addresses various aspects such as speed, drills, battery life, portability and durability.


    Ball Capacity 
    ACE :110.     ONE: 85
    Speed Range
    16 - 104 kph / 10 - 65 mph 
    Rechargeable lithium battery included
    Battery Charger
    Included. Enables independent charging from machine.
     ACE  18 kg / 39 lb.  ONE 22 kg / 48 lb
    ONE : 78H 35W 56L cm.   31H 14W 22L inches
    ACE : 53H 35W 56L cm.   21H 14W 22L inches
    Ball Feed Range
    1 - 10 seconds between balls
    Maximum Trajectory
    60 degrees
    Horizontal Oscillation
    Concealed internal horizontal oscillation, giving unpredictable ball delivery. Casing remains stationary.
    Vertical Oscillation / Height Adjustment
    Precise height adjustment from above-net volley to overhead lob practice.
    Ball landing
    Full court. Speed, horizontal, height, spin allow full control of landing spot. Made easy with the app in simulation mode.
    Remote Control
    Titan Drills app - free for both iPhone and Android. Keychain size remote is optional.
    Extendable trolley handle. Large trolley wheels. Multiple grab points for lifting.
    Machine and charger - 2 years.   Battery - 3 months