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Spinshot Player Tennis Ball Machine - Spinshot Sports US
Spinshot Player Tennis Ball Machine
Spinshot Player Tennis Ball Machine - Spinshot Sports US
Spinshot Player Tennis Ball Machine
Spinshot Player Tennis Ball Machine
Spinshot Player Tennis Ball Machine
Spinshot Player Tennis Ball Machine - Spinshot Sports US

Spinshot Player Tennis Ball Machine

$2,750.00 Sgd Regular price $2,980.00 Sgd

Player normal speed without watch remote - $2750  no stock

Player normal speed with watch remote - $2850 no stock

Player high speed without watch remote - $2950 available

Player high speed with watch remote - $3050 available

Promotion: Only S$95 shipping (at checkout) to Malaysia, Thailand, Indonesia, Brunei, Hong Kong, Taiwan, S Korea, and includes machine cover.  Battery shall be shipped separately.

Spinshot Player is the most popular model in our range. You can use the pre-programmed drills or customise your own.  Select the drill from the machine panel or smartphone.  It can be operated with Android or Apple phone, with Apple watch or with our optional 1-button watch remote. User Manual is available for download.

Pre-programmed drills
The Player comes with 12 preset drills that give a wide variety of shot positions and spins. You can customise each of these drills to suit your playing level using the drill maker app.

What is the difference between Player and Plus-2?  

Please refer to our FAQ 

Customise your drills
Each drill consists of 6 sequential shots, customisable to different speed, height, spin, position and intervals.  The sequence repeats after the 6th ball.    Players of different skill levels and phone types can save their personal drill preference to the machine.  The last saved drill writes over the previous.  It is the ultimate machine for individuals or sharing with family or club members. 

Suitable for beginners and kids coaching
Machine can be used with soft orange balls. To toss slow balls, machine should ideally be placed at service line. By operating in Manual mode, with speed set at below 5 and adding some backspin, the bounce can be slower to suit each skill level. For local purchase, our customer support is ready to provide free machine operation guide in court when needed.

Normal Speed model 30 ~ 110 kph flat.  80 kph at max topspin.
High Speed model 40 ~ 128 kph.  110 kph at max topspin.
Ball feed interval  2 ~ 10 seconds
Height  Up to 50 degree
Ball spin Topspin and backspin
Oscillation 2-lines, 3-lines, or horizontal with vertical oscillation
Ball capacity Up to 120 balls
Court time 2 ~ 3 hours
Power  12V 12AH battery
Charging time 14~16hrs with normal charger after 2hrs use 
Remote control By smartphones, to select or customise drills.  Watch remote is optional
Machine panel For Start / Stop / Drill selection. 
Dimension 50H 50L 35W cm
Weight 22 kg with battery. 18kg with external battery.
Portability Can lay horizontally in car boot 
Warranty 2 years

 High Speed Models

The high-speed model uses bigger motors for the propel wheels. Normal model will deliver balls slower when topspin setting is applied, whereas the high-speed models will still deliver fast balls in high topspin setting.

Remote Control via App - Android or iPhone 

Our Drill Maker App for Android and iPhone are free to download at Play Store or Apple Store. It is also compatible with Apple Watch, which can control the Start / Stop / Drill selection without the need to have phone in pocket.

Remote Watch

The Spinshot remote watch allows you to start and stop the ball feed and switch between drills. 


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